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Want to find more purpose in your work? Here’s how!

Purpose is such a buzz word at the moment. When you feel like your work is giving you zero satisfaction, when you feel like the days are drifting by aimlessly and when you feel the pressure to ‘find your purpose,’ it can feel frustrating and confusing.

Why is knowing your purpose in your work so important?

Surely you just work to make money and work to live, right? Times have changed, the world has changed, the perspective we have on our work has changed. PWC outlined in a millennial report in 2018 that millennials want more than ‘just a job’, a view supported by Seth Godin in The Linchpin. He explains that now, you no longer need to be a cog in a wheel. By discovering passion, you become more connected to your purpose, “and that creates more value.” When you know your purpose it not only enables you to know what type of work will allow you to fulfil that purpose but equally it acts as a north star in your decision making moving forward.

By committing yourself to a job in which you don’t find purpose, you risk finding yourself disconnected to your work, frustrated, overwhelmed, bored, and worst of all not providing real value or achieving our potential. So how do you find your purpose in your work and ensure you are not only connected, happier and creating value but also achieving your potential?

Your purpose is not something you can create, but rather something you discover. You can’t change it or manipulate it. It is highly personal, aligning to your values and what you subconsciously see as important in life. So if you can’t manufacture it, how do you discover it?

The reason so many people aren’t aware of their purpose, and consequently don’t find work that aligns to it, is because they avoid hard questions. The type of questions which are difficult to answer.

Therefore if you want to discover your purpose you need to answer some of these questions. Consider the below:

  • How do I want to be remembered?
  • What gets me out of bed even on the hardest of days?
  • What are my 3 top core values and why?
  • If there was one injustice in the world that really grinds on you and you could wake up tomorrow change it – what would that be?

Don’t rush it, ponder these questions, journal about them, walk away from them, come back and see what develops. The more you ask yourself ‘why are these things’ important to me, the more awareness you create for yourself around your purpose and then the better action you can take in your career to align yourself to it.

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Fiona Moss, Coach for Women

Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss supports millennial women to escape their unfulfilling job, discover their purpose and excel in their new fulfilling business. Want more support and resources to help you uncover your purpose, then download Fiona’s free Career Change Handbook which includes a ‘Purpose Toolkit’.

To find out more about Fiona head to her website www.fionamoss.co.uk or her instagram @fionamoss.

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