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The Ultimate Pep Talk: Catch the replay and summary

If you missed our amazing International Women’s Day event (The Ultimate Pep Talk) on March 10th, you can catch up with everything that happened right here. We were joined by an incredible range of guest speakers who were kind and generous enough to share their words of wisdom with our lovely audience of career-driven women.

To kick things off, our wonderful founder Lauren Webb began the talk and provided us with a sneak peek of what to expect from the event as well as her story behind founding the brand. As women, we face hardships and gender-based discrimination daily. We are often told to ‘smile,’ but then when we do, we’re not taken seriously because we’re ‘too nice.’ On the flip side, we are branded as aggressive if we’re not nice enough. “We simply cannot win,” in Lauren’s own words.

Before booking a ticket for the event, the Yellow Eve community was asked to answer a few questions about being a woman in the workplace. Lauren shared that 65% of you said you feel unsupported in your work. This is exactly how Lauren felt at various times in her own career, and she highlighted how important knowing that she was not alone in that feeling was; creating a community and supportive group of female allies has been the underlying mission of Yellow Eve from day one.

As well as this disappointing statistic above, we also found out that:

  • 66% of our community have experienced a lack of confidence in speaking up and sharing ideas at work (what a waste of our magnificent brains – organisations need to do better in facilitating safe ground for women to speak!)
  • 55% of our community have experienced someone else taking credit for their idea
  • 49% of our community have been interrupted in a meeting
  • 37% of our community have been bullied, harassed or excluded in their workplace

Yellow Eve is here to change that. This is not about fixing women or blaming men. This is about collectively challenging gender norms, challenging organisational practices and equipping ourselves with the tools we need to navigate the current situation. By doing so, we can all lead the change we want to see. We exist to give women like you trusted career support, answers for overcoming your work problems and explore your personal development in critical areas.

The Ultimate Pep Talk was a place for all of us to come together and talk about the issues that affect us in a fun and informal way. We learned how to identify our strengths, how to be more assertive and even how to develop our sexual confidence.

Sally Inkster

Sally Inkster, Personal Branding Expert

Our first fabulous speaker was personal branding expert Sally Inkster (@sallyinksterbranding). She reminded us all about the importance of knowing what our strengths are. Sally informed us about the differences between talents, strengths and skills, as well as how rewarding looking for opportunities in your job, which help you build your talents, can be. She also told us about the downsides of strengths such as being empathetic.

Sally’s words of wisdom:

  • “When you identify you are good at something, identify if it’s a talent, a strength or a skill.”
  • “The great thing about strengths is you don’t need to be paid to do them because you enjoy it so much!”
Lola Bejide

Lọ́lá Béjidé, Career Coach

The next inspiring speaker was career strategy coach Lola Bejide (@solumanconsultancy). She shared her 3 top tips about being assertive at work – know your value, be an active listener and understand your style. Lola also reflected on her own experiences in the workplace and how she handled being assertive and different examples of how it played out.

Lola’s words of wisdom:

  • “You own your own narrative.”
  • “They need to hear this more than I need to be quiet.”
Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson

Our third great speaker was sex and relationship consultant Andrea Thompson (@andreatalksabout). She reminded us of the importance of boundaries and consent. Andrea told us all about how crucial it is to say what you don’t want and equally say what you do. Thanks to Andrea, we all left the event feeling a lot more empowered in regards to sexual confidence. It’s important for us to address all of the areas of our lives that deserve a strong feeling of empowerment.

Andrea’s words of wisdom:

  • “Who says our sexuality is so separate from our work life?”
  • “Putting up the boundary is seeing it get respected and honoured.”
Asha Harkness

Asha Harkness

The next fabulous speaker was diversity and inclusion consultant Asha Harkness (@ashaharkness). She introduced herself by talking about her sexuality and dual heritage. Asha shared her 4 top tips for overcoming micro-aggressions and unconscious bias – educating yourself, don’t wait to be informed, be aware of privileges of power and call people out.

Asha’s words of wisdom:

  • “You can be an ally to yourself first and foremost.”
  • “If you are in a position of privilege and power, speak up when you can.”
Abigail Ireland

Abigail Ireland, Peak Performance Coach

Our fifth and final wonderful speaker was peak performance strategist Abigail Ireland (@abigail.ireland). Abigail told us all about healthy habits and how to maintain them. She explained that habit-stacking is the way to go to make quick and simple beneficial changes to our lifestyles. Abigail also told us about how long it takes to embed behaviour change. The Yellow Eve community was surprised to hear that it can take 18-254 days to form a new habit!

Abigail’s words of wisdom:

  • “We tend to overcomplicate things and we don’t give ourselves clear instructions.”
  • “It takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit.”

The Ultimate Pep talk was a blast and we are incredibly grateful for the involvement with Yellow Eve and continued support. Thank you to all those who attended and our incredible speakers.

Your feedback – thank you!
  • “Thank you Yellow Eve for introducing us to such a diverse range of topics.”
  • “Huge thanks to Lauren and all the panellists this evening for taking the time to deliver this amazing event for us all, it’s been so enjoyable.”
  • “Brilliant evening. And the event has been so professional and easy to follow.”
  • “Such a fab event, incredibly insightful and energetic. Thanks so much!”

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