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Not enough hours in the day? 3 ways to be the master of your time

Most of us complain about not having enough time while we juggle different responsibilities. Instead of whining about losing out on time, you need to identify your priorities and become more responsible with your time. In this article, Fiona provides tips to master your time to achieve your goals better.

Feeling like you are juggling everything? Do you find yourself complaining about how there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You might feel you are chasing your shadow with a never-ending to-do list. Overwhelmed with it all, frustrated that you aren’t achieving your goals, and wish you could get hold of Hermonie Granger’s Time-turner for one day to check a few things off the list?

When you feel like you are always behind, it may seem impossible to get everything done to achieve your goals and progress in your career. You find yourself asking, “how do other people seem to have so much more time than me and achieving so much? I am putting in the effort, the time, the hustle, but I am getting nowhere.”

The truth is, everyone has the same amount of time. No one has any more or any less time than you do. Instead of questioning yourself, you need to take responsibility for yourself and how you spend your time. You need to be mindful of how you are using your time to achieve your goals.

So how can you create more time for yourself, feel less overwhelmed, and start achieving more? Read below to understand how you can be the master of your time.

1. Focus on being productive rather than busy

Are you the sort of person who says yes to everything? You find yourself cramming your diary, moving from one commitment to the next, rushing between each but not seeing any results.

Strip back your activity and change your focus from activity to productivity. Your core aim should be to create results. You should consider how you can be as productive and as efficient as possible instead of busying yourself with lots of things. Cut back your to-do list and commit to the completion of a task in a set time frame, rather than committing to an activity for that time. Change this simple outlook on the way you work and see your results rocket.

2. Know your non-negotiables

Get clear on what your goals are. Avoid tasks that aren’t going to help you to achieve your goals, focus on the things that will. Recognise the key tasks that will make the difference and make these your non-negotiables. Schedule these in your diary, prioritise them and commit to doing them first.

3. Get better at saying no

Saying yes too much to everyone and finding that you are far too busy for what matters to you? Get used to saying no more. Don’t busy yourself with menial tasks, doing things you don’t want to do, or you don’t care about. Give yourself the time to focus on your non-negotiables on your goals by saying no more. Get used to saying no, because when you say no and commit to your non-negotiables, you are saying yes to something much bigger – yourself.

Fiona Moss, Coach for Women

Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss supports millennial women to escape their unfulfilling job, discover their purpose, and excel in their new fulfilling business.

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