A one to one coaching session with two executive women

My experiences of one to one coaching and how helpful it has been

Continuing my series of short articles acknowledging and sharing the 1:1 coaching sessions I have experienced as part of the Yellow Eve community, I wanted to share the session I had with Lucy Grimwade.

Lucy is a Professional Development coach, hosts a podcast: Speak Female and our session was titled: Getting Clear On Your Next Goal.

Having had a career focused session with Natasha Chatur a few weeks before-hand, I used this session with Lucy for more personal goals. This was in part because Lucy positioned herself as being supportive and trained in mental health as well as NLP, and there was instantly permission to discuss any topic I wanted to. Her positioning made it very easy to discuss emotions and look at my life from a perspective of goal setting.

In preparation for the session Lucy sent me The Wheel of Life to complete. This encouraged me to look at and understand how balanced my life was. I took that preparation work and that knowledge into our session together. What I found interesting was that the goal I arrived at was a holistic, almost ‘purpose’ goal and one I definitely felt was about an intention, an aspiration, something I wanted to do, not a ‘should do.’

What I came away with from my session with Lucy:

  • A clear holistic goal for my life
  • Recognition for the resilience I demonstrate
  • Appreciation for the progress I had made in several aspects of my life.

I found it quite an emotional session, and both encouraging and grounding. Afterwards Lucy sent me links to some great follow up resources which I have accessed and found really useful. I have also subscribed to and enjoyed listening to her podcast Speak Female. Future sessions with Lucy would focus on putting milestones in place to ensure the successful completion of goals set.

With thanks to Lucy!

My next one to one coaching was with Abigail Ireland

Following on from that, I had an: Energy management JUMPSTART HOUR – Reset mind, body and brain – with Abigail Ireland. Abigail is a Peak Performance Strategist for Banking and Finance Professionals.

This session was really well placed to help me maintain the energy I had experienced from Natasha and Lucy’s sessions and to generate more going forward so that I could achieve all that I want to.

Abigail sent me a lengthy questionnaire to complete around my lifestyle, habits etc. which meant I started our session with knowledge and understanding about the areas I wanted to focus on to improve my energy management. During the session we then explored this in more detail, focused on the aspects that were really positive and the areas for improvement.

My key take aways from my session with Abigail:

  • The importance of putting the mind and body first – optimising the whole person, rather than focusing just on work priorities
  • The need to check in on myself, ask and reflect on ‘how am I being kind to myself’, when feeling overwhelm
  • A series of short, daily, achievable actions I could take to improve the areas I wanted to focus on (this included exercise tips such as ensuring I included strength, suppleness and stamina in my weekly exercise and ways specific to me to do that)
  • Ensuring any habits introducing over a holiday or lock down period, are scheduled to fit into my ‘normal’ daily routine to ensure they can be continued

Further sessions with Abigail would focus upon achievements and maintenance in the areas set and making continual gradual improvements to my energy management.

The phrase I take away and continue to say to myself, hearing Abigail’s voice in my head is:

“Think of your body as a house you are living in. Would you fill your room with trash (junk food)? Would you repair and maintain it (exercise and rest)?”

With thanks to Abigail!

Sally Hargrave

Sally Hargrave

Sally Hargrave is a marketing and fundraising project manager.

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