Andrea Jordan, Life Coach at Hippy At Heart

Life coaching: What do you need to give some attention to?

In this Introduction to Life Coaching, we will be exploring areas of your life using a simple but effective technique, which can help to identify any areas which may need a little more love, care and attention. The lovely Andrea Jordan, founder of Hippy at Heart and Life Coach, will be guiding you through this in-depth assessment in order to define and clarify your current goals – which may or may not be work related.

Some areas of your life that you will explore, for example, could be Health & Wellbeing, Financial, Social, Relationships, Work and so on with an opportunity to include categories of your choice. Sometimes what you think you need, and your current goal is not actually in alignment with what you discover in this self-assessment, and Andrea ask you reflective questions to ensure that you’re prioritising what needs to be prioritised in order for you to be your best self.

Most of us manage life’s ups and downs with the support of those around us, friends, family, work colleagues, but sometimes in their efforts to help they could be preventing us from seeing our true potential and slowing down progress towards achieving our goals. Sometimes what we really need is someone to support us, believe in us without judgement but also challenge us in a positive way and hold us accountable.

This group coaching will give you time out to focus on what’s important in your life and to concentrate purely on your own needs.

This session is very self-reflective so you will need a piece of paper and pen/pencil! 

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