Coaches And Experts.

We believe that coaching is one of the most valuable tools to support anyone in their career development and encourage any professionals to work with a coach. The below coaches have worked with Yellow Eve previously – please get in touch with any of them below to ask for more details about how they can support you and your goals.

Pro bono coaching

Sometimes coaches are in a position to offer a limited amount of 1-1 60-minute coaching slots on a pro bono basis (at no cost to you).  This is an extremely valuable and generous offer, so we please ask that you provide a testimonial to the coach if you do take up this offer!

Slots available this month: 

  • None currently available
Coaches and experts
Emma Wainer

Emma Wainer

Emma is a corporate speaker coach who has 12-plus years’ experience in coaching communication skills in the private and public sectors.
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Abigail Ireland, Peak Performance Coach

Abigail Ireland

I help executives, teams and businesses to achieve Peak Performance and enhance personal productivity. I coach, train and educate my clients so they can operate at their best on a sustainable basis.
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Lọ́lá Béjidé, Coach

Lọ́lá Béjidé

A certified career coach specialising in helping young professionals navigate their corporate careers in those crucial formative and developmental stages.
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Carla Maroussas, Coach

Carla Maroussas

Hello, I am Carla Maroussas an accredited Life Coach and NLP practitioner and I work with those who are simply feeling too busy and often overwhelmed to work out their next best steps.
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Lucy Grimwade, Career Coach

Lucy Grimwade

Leadership Coach, Podcaster & Keynote Speaker, on a mission to change the face of leadership by empowering women in tech to be the most powerful versions of themselves!
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Sally Inkster, Personal Branding Expert

Sally Inkster

Sally is a personal branding expert that helps lots of people like you, become more aware, secure and happy with their own personal brand and how to use it in developing their career path.
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Jeni Carroll, Coach

Jeni Caroll

Jeni is a certified coach with 20 years of corporate leadership experience. Jeni’s coaching is driven by her passion to help ambitious women press pause and learn a new way to blend career and life.
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