Yellow Eve

Yellow Eve is an online magazine and events-based community that offers free career support to professional women. We have built a friendly, female-led community that empowers women to navigate challenges, unlock their potential and find career fulfilment. Founded by Lauren Webb in September 2020, Yellow Eve is on a mission to make career and personal development fun, accessible and relevant.

The work Yellow Eve does is hugely important as women still face many gender-specific challenges at work. These challenges often prevent women from having the same level of opportunity and support as their male counterparts and it is disappointingly common for women to feel discounted, silenced or undervalued.

Yellow Eve provides:

  • AN ONLINE MAGAZINE – The online magazine features high-value career articles designed to help women achieve their goals.
  • EVENTS – Vibrant events that bring women together to access valuable career advice, discussion and connection.

We rely on individual donations and corporate sponsors to run the free services that we do. Please buy us a coffee to support our voluntary work if you can!

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Our Mission and Values.

Our mission is to empower ambitious and passionate women to progress in their career and life.

Equality: Everybody has the right to equal opportunities, and we reflect that belief in our content.

Contribution: Everyone has a valuable and unique offering to society, and we aim to amplify and encourage peoples’ talents and voices.

Growth: We see each day as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves and share content that helps people to do that in the most positive way possible.

Write for us!

We need volunteers to write brilliant articles for our brilliant audience. If you are passionate about empowering women in the workplace and helping women to progress their careers, please do consider writing something for our audience. Please email if you are happy to contribute or fill out this easy form below:

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