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Here is a bit more info about our story! Yellow Eve launched in 2020 as both a free online career magazine for women and an events-based community.

Women can access trusted career support, find answers for overcoming their work problems and explore their personal development in critical areas such as building confidence, speaking up and interviewing.

External to the support you may receive in your workplace, we offer a fun, female-specific and personal approach to your learning & development in order to help you achieve your career goals.

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Our Mission and Values.

Our mission is to empower ambitious and passionate women to progress in their career and life.

Equality: Everybody has the right to equal opportunities, and we reflect that belief in our content.

Contribution: Everyone has a valuable and unique offering to society, and we aim to amplify and encourage peoples’ talents and voices.

Growth: We see each day as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves and share content that helps people to do that in the most positive way possible.

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