Lọ́lá Béjidé, Career Coach

3 entry-level career pitfalls to avoid in your twenties

Lọ́lá Béjidé, career coach, lists the 3 common talent pitfalls she sees entry-level staff make at the beginning of their careers.

Lọ́lá specialises in helping those in their twenties make the bizarre, lonely leap from academia to corporate; in her previous workplace, she found herself becoming the ‘go-to’ mentor for recent graduates and identified the need for more support for those entering the workplace.

The first pitfall is simply missed opportunities.

Missed opportunities

This comes from entry talent newbies not recognising their value, which leads to a lack of visibility. Let’s think about it. If you believe that you are not adding any value, you hardly put yourself out there to be noticed, do you?

By keeping your head down, you are no longer visible. If you are not visible, how do you get put forward for growth opportunities?

You secured the role based upon the potential your employers saw in you, but to realise that potential you are going to need to acknowledge your value – don’t allow self-doubt rob you of possible opportunities.

A quick win to increase your self-confidence is networking. What is your networking game like?

Virtual networking (internally/externally) will not only bring out yourself as a professional, but it opens you up to more growth opportunities. Yes… you will be putting yourself out there, but remember I said a quick win, not an easy win!

Lack of self-confidence

A common reason for lack of self-confidence is not having a clear vision and/or lacking direction in your career & role. This is what I refer to as “career nomad” territory, where you can drift through a career without intent and desire, which culminates with a sense of career frustration.

A great way to realign your career compass is to review your values and your personal drivers. Once you identify your values, you can then align them to a career, an organisation and ultimately to your career roadmap.

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Remain in the comfort zone

As we get comfortable in our roles, the interest to grow and learn reduces, which results in staying in the same place throughout your career – not good!

Keep on learning new skills that will push you out of your comfort zone and boost your value as a professional whilst opening up new opportunities and promotions in the future.

Study your industry, what trends could be possible disruptors? What skills do you need to acquire to future proof your role?

Based upon those questions, now ask yourself “What skills am I working on at the moment that will move me outside of my comfort zone and enhance my value contribution to my team/department/industry?”

If you are not quite sure where to start, here are some tips:

  • Discuss which up-skilling to focus on with your mentor
  • Subscribe to your industry publications to keep up with leading/new industry trends
  • Ask for feedback from your line manager/team & act on it

Remember the only thing to grow on something that is stagnant is mould & so start stepping out of your comfort zone into your growth zone!

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Lọ́lá Béjidé, Career Coach

Lọ́lá Béjidé

Lọ́lá is a certified ICF career coach, who specialises in helping young professionals navigate their career in those crucial formative and developmental stages by using various career strategy frameworks coupled with the utilisation of intangible yet crucial soft skills. Lọ́lá also supports those seeking to enter employment by sharing successful job-seeking strategies and career progression tools for when employment has been secured.

The three words most commonly used to describe Lọ́lá are: Passionate, Supportive, and Positive Energy & once you work with her, you will see why!

Connect with Lọ́lá on LinkedIn here.

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